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828 San Pablo Ave
Pinole, CA, 94564
United States

American Forests Contribution

California Lumpkin Fire Restoration

The Lumpkin fire started on September 11, 2015 and burned approximately 1,042 acres. In the fall of 2015, approximately 132 acres of hazard trees and salvage were removed. Of that amount, 80 acres were proposed for reforestation activities. In 2017, we are supporting American Forests in planting 5000 trees in the area!

Planting Group - Lumpkin Fire.jpg
Seedlings and Staked Row Survival Plots - Lumpkin Fire.jpg
Seedling Planted - Lumpkin Fire.jpg

Virginia Longleaf Pine Restoration

Southeast Virginia was once a mecca for longleaf pine, featuring more than 1 million acres of it. But
development, the timber and maritime industries and the fragile nature of this rare ecosystem have challenged the survival of longleaf here.

American Forests has reforested 550 acres in two Virginia nature preserves with a total of 300,000
longleaf pine seedlings in the end of December, 2016. These tracts support some of the highest diversity of rare plant and animal species in southeastern Virginia. Being part of the project, we support American Forest planting 5000 trees.